Our Vision and  Mission

Our vision is to be a global oil and gas exploration and production company of choice.

The mission is to sustainably grow and ethically maximize value across exploration and production operations in the global oil and gas industry.

Ethics and Sustainability form an integral part of our operations and relationships with our communities, partners, and our people

What defines us...

How we do what we do

We recognize that our immediate community
are integral to our unparalleled success story.


Our Strategy – Safety, Value, Sustainability – in everything we do

Our focus of sustainability and innovation allows us to harness ideas and skills. Our priority is growth within the global oil and gas industry.


We recognize that the contributions of our people are crucial to our success, which is why we create and empower our socio-cultural milieu, perspectives, and backgrounds of our employees.

Sustainability is essential to business longevity, reinforcing company reputations and overall business performance. We work in partnership with our employees, vendors, investors and community partners in ways that impact positively, that enable us to deliver a strong business performance.

Our actions are always aimed at safeguarding the rights and interests of our people, our host communities, and our partners, establishing and creating fair and safe working standards, preserving the environment, and abiding by our business ethics in accordance with our corporate governance.

Our people are our most critical asset. We invest in our people’s passions, skills, and professional development, as we ensure our employees thrive and develop properly in an environment that prioritizes their quality of life and living.

Technological innovation is a key driver for us at INSIGHT E& P. Daily, we consciously explore newer approaches, seek efficiency in all our operations and utilize the most of our resources, as well as our wealth of expertise.

We are driven by strong values of fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity in all our operations. Our system of policies and internal controls meet the highest international standards.